Wednesday, 21 December 2016

First impressions are so important, especially when it comes to making the grand entrance on your wedding day !!

Wedding stage decorations is an important aspect in the entire celebrations of marriage ceremony.

At the venue there will be welcome girls who will be waiting to receive the group with showers of rose petals and the traditional Aarti and Tikka ceremony !!!

Friday, 9 December 2016

An engagement is a ceremony where two persons get engaged to each other and their lives become one. They share heartily love with each other and try to turn their dreams into success by the power of their bond, understanding and cooperation. This is a great day indeed in couples’ lives as well as for their families. Shri Events makes it a greatest and memorable day to them with their experts’ team.

The Decoration creates an ambience for the function and tells the story of happiness and joy so is Shri Events. The Fragrance of fresh flowers, the richness of colors, the coding and mix & matching of different flowers fascinate the guests and attracts them. The Draping work is like icing on the cake. The Stage is the attraction point for all time so we emphasize on special effects on stage décor because it addresses the couple, where they exchange their rings and all the ceremonies take place.

Simple yet elegant table centre piece looks stunning and reflects the star work of décor. Shri Events always tries to make it a great place to eat, greet and meet. It’s mesmerizing whenever Shri events turn your function into your dreamland with our sharpness of minds and creativity in our veins.
The Dining area is the most important part as guests spend their most of the time there. So it is the crucial area to maintain the elegance and to create magic with the arrangements. Shri events love to play with colors and lights to enroll their parts to enhance the flower and fabrication work and it reflects in peoples’ eyes that make a way to their hearts.

At the end, The Shri Events accomplishes its mission to make an event memorable and a dream come true not only for its clients but for itself.

Monday, 7 November 2016

Birthday Decoration

Birthdays are special because on this day, Many relations born with a baby. 

Shri Events Group presents birthday special “Princess Theme” décor. It seems like time flies as the baby girl ‘Esther’ turns 1 this year. Their parents want a different but alike birthday celebration for their princess.

 So we suggested them the old yet beautiful theme called “Princess Theme”. With the lovely combination of baby pink and soothing white metallic balloon bunches, the beautiful princess’ cutouts look magical.

 It looks like a dream princess land where little princess is going to celebrate her birthday with her loved ones and the princesses like jasmine, Repunzel, Frozen, Snow white and others. The Passage creates a way to the venue where the DJ Babu was playing some Bollywood and Punjabi songs for the guests.

The Welcome drop which shows of variety of balloons and cutouts used for the event.
The Ambience was great as everyone is enjoying their selves.

 The Tattoo Corner was another attraction for the party. Kids as well as adults were enjoying the tattoo art. 

The Cake Table looks attractive. 

For backdrop, we design collage of baby’s photos and framed it with balloons so that it could look more fascinating than others.


Saturday, 5 November 2016

Corporate Events

Corporate Events
                      How To Get Best Value From Them

Corporate events are a major investment of time and money.  Corporate events are changing  like a special events and turning up the volume on everything from décor to attendee engagement. Today’s corporate world are looking out for new and different kind of experiences for event attendees. Companies want to cratie unique experiences that go beyond the everyday.

This article help you out to know how to plan your event in advance :

Objectives :

With all corporate events, it is important to be clear about the type of event  so that you can plan according to that. The objectives are often psychological, such as reward function for their employees. This will boost their confidence and help them to work harder and feel motivated. Therea are various kinds of corporate events like workshop for freshers, upgrading the skills of existing staff, etc. And now a days board of directors of various companies used to organize and attend corporate event for more social networking.

Read on six hot new trend for corporate events :
1.)  Unique and New Venue :
Hotels are in trend for hosting corporate events but now new venue for corporate gatherings are in demand. Today, big corporate houses and  MNCs want to organize their corporate events in fun and unique venues like sports/concert venues, private villas, casinos, theme based parks etc.
This will gives a calm effect and help to renergize the new positive energy among all the attendees. This unique venues also create memorable experience for all attendees.
2.)  Event Transformation :
When big corporate firms book unique venues for their conferences or corporate meeting s or casual gatherings, they still require décor for brand their events. It would not be conference if your guest unable to recognize the venue.
Turning away from the basic packages, now the new startups and new corporate firm specially young and tech companies are elevating the way they brand their event for unique touches. Companies transforming into event space something familiar for guests.
A conference is a marketing event for the company it helps to discuss the issues which need attention to solve all the barriers and problems facing employees in company Branding an event build loyalty and motivation among all employees and the attendees. Event Planner help to design the  unique décor for effective communication and environment.
3.)  Ultra high tech events :
Event organizers now prefer high technology in their events. Apart from the must have wifi service at the event, event planners and hosts are using unique advance tech to make event different and successful.
A few things are coming into action.

 Event apps featuring presentation and full schedule of event
On demand video feeds
On the spot survey and contest
Personalized push notification
Language assistance
This is mere a beginning of new era of tech end corporate events. Armed with smartphones technology now everyone can access the information easily as compare to earlier.
Technology provides the information to all attendees within a minutes and help to coordinate smoothly. Like Reschedule or cancellation of meeting, Weather not suitable for conference, etc. The use of technology help to communicate two way.

As a corporate planner it’s important to emrace all these things while making planning of corporate event. It will help to genrate interest among the attendees and hosts.

Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Wed Decor

Stylistic theme

Decor is a standout amongst the most critical part of any sort of event. Without  stylistic layout nothing is conceivable uniquely in india. What's more, with regards to weddings then it's assumes an imperative part in India. With wedding being a standout amongst the most imperative days in numerous individuals' lives, it's a no big surprise such a large number of lady of the hour and prepare take rein of their wedding arranging in their grasp. Also, now, both, lady of the hour and prepare choose together about their wedding style. Stylistic theme helps everybody to feel great and give a relieving and quiet impact at the forefront of individuals' thoughts. It resembles an euphoria. Wedding is one time undertaking along these lines, everybody need to make it extraordinary experience and staggering.

Wonderful rich weddings are the things which everybody think and that fantasies are made of. Along these lines, on the off chance that you have envisioned about this day since perpetually or on the off chance that you began to envision it simply in the wake of saying yes; weddings are truly critical for us. Presently, everybody need to ensure that every last points of interest of from enormous to modest, we think about it all.

So here are a couple subtle elements which you ought to remember while picking right stylistic theme for your huge day.

We shri occasions are aptitude in stylistic theme so here are few snaps

Concentrate on Lights

Lighting pays a truly essential part in wedding stylistic theme, to such an extent that it can be a focal thought from where you can start. See underneath what takes our hearts.

Back to Indian roots

In the event that it's an Indian wedding, it is awesome to have customary motivation behind your stylistic layout. Little components can have a major effect.

About Flowers

Blossoms are a key a portion of wedding stylistic layout, yet they can be utilized as a part of truly crisp courses too.